About Us

We vibe different. What do you get when you mix an RN, outgoing, beautiful, creative, athletic, empathic, passionate, socialite, yogi -loving mom and wife with a brilliant, smooth, calm, handsome, computer tech geek, coin/stamp collector, avid runner, poli-sci / history major, sarcastic, fun, nerd, husband / dad? A whole lot of crazy is what you get. Good crazy. Giselle and Max. JAVA. SPARK. Together we are a force to be reckoned with. We locked eyes in ‘08 and locked hearts forever. With our 3 gorgeous, eccentric , rambunctious, fantastic children in tow, our countryside home in the busy city, is the perfect blend of both calm and chaos. Creativity and crisis. Laughter and lullabies. We are both JOY and SWAG. Our combined talents and knowledge run the gamut of everything from gardening to dancing to poem-writing to playing tennis to tech tinkering to singing to entertaining to designing to computer programming to figuring out unique algebra problems. We vibe differently. We spark joy. Our company is not just for creating sales, it is an experience. We don’t simply sell what makes dollars (and makes “cents.”) Every item we procure is hand-picked by us, and has a magical story to tell. If you grab some bling from our chic boutique and place it in your shopping cart, ask yourself: “Does this spark joy?” If the answer is “NO,” get rid of it. Don’t complete your purchase. Go back and find something you really love. Something full of JOYSWAG! That’s what our brand is all about. Happy shopping! Carpe’ diem!about-us.jpg