Shipping policy

  • What are the shipping options?
    For the ultimate crescendo, the moment of bliss, the Beethoven, epoch-defining Symphony No. 5...we wish we can send an exotic bird to fly your package directly from our heart and into your open window, while the curtains sway in the warm, salty breeze. Just like the stork delivered your children or your cousins. That project is currently in the works by our wonderful shipping team. Until then , we offer $5.00 shipping fee on all orders shipped within the US. Whew! Only select products will display an option for expedited shipping, an added cost will incur. Orders being shipped to international destinations will show the shipping costs, customs, etc, to the destination country, based on the product and shipping address.

  • What are the international taxes, duties, etc. that I have to pay?
    We are honored that you chose us, all the way in Cali, to get your swag on. We’re sure it will spark joy, radiating all across the globe from our big hearts into yours. As such, we offer international shipping worldwide, which is handled via WebInterpret. This includes  taxes, duties, and shipping costs, on our end. Please read the terms and services carefully before confirming your purchase. Aside from our international shipping fees, which are calculated at checkout, your order might be subject to additional VAT/IMPORT fees before delivery. If so, you will be notified of those fees prior to delivery. You can choose to accept and pay, or decline and your order gets returned to us and refunded.We offer worldwide delivery. So, if you live in Timbuktu, Sweden "hygge country," Buckingham Palace, or off the coast of Panjin Red Beach, China, we’ve got you covered! We spread the love to you!